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A New Chapter for BrandIQ

By July 22, 2015November 25th, 2021No Comments2 min read


When I was hired as a Research Associate at BrandIQ, I had no experience in market research or, rather, any private sector business, but I saw great value in my new appointment at an innovative company consulting for some of the most successful brands in the country. After 2 years in graduate school learning about corporate social responsibility, and 3 years in non-profit management, I was at BrandIQ to understand how to translate what BrandIQ was doing in the private sector to the public and non-profit spaces.

Public private partnerships are a powerful way to involve the private sector in alleviating the world’s problems such as poverty, lack of education, or even deteriorating infrastructure like highways. Companies across the world are coming up with creative ways to transform their bottom line (profit) into a triple bottom line to include environmental and social impact.

Some of BrandIQ’s clients have already started participating in this shift, most notably by becoming a B corp. The B corp label gives companies with a triple bottom line a way to leverage their sustainable business efforts to continue making a profit, while doing good. Studies show that new graduates want to work for “corporations with a conscience” and consumers expect businesses to support social and environmental issues.

We are fortunate enough at BrandIQ to have reached a level of success that allows us to also give back. At this next stage of self-actualization, we want to leverage our experience with big companies and apply it to our community.

In the midst of BrandIQ’s bigger push to become a more sustainable business, I was asked to identify a non-profit partnership that aligned with the values and interests of our office.
Recently, in an exciting moment for BrandIQ, we signed a contract with the LA Promise Zone, a federally funded initiative administered by the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti. BrandIQ will lead a communications strategy to support the Promise Zone in achieving its goals to foster a healthy business climate, preserve housing affordability, expand access to high quality education and career preparation, and invest in livable neighborhoods.

Is it possible to improve the client experience at a non-profit in a similar way to improving the guest experience at a restaurant? We at BrandIQ believe it is and will update you on our journey.

Michael Murphy