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For more than two decades, BrandIQ has stood at the forefront of brand consulting in Chicago, distinguishing itself as the go-to agency for strategic brand development. Our suite of branding services is meticulously designed to forge powerful and enduring brand identities that engage your core audience and accelerate your company’s expansion. BrandIQ is a small business based in Los Angeles, but we have worldwide reach, distinguishing ourselves as brand strategy Chicago experts.

Why Choose BrandIQ As Your Brand Strategy Consultancy

Human-Centered Approach

Our team forges the perfect balance between science, art, intuition, and logic with a human-centered approach.



For 25 years we’ve created innovative solutions that empower our clients to build meaningful connections with the people they serve.

B Corp Values

Business for Good is in Our DNA. As a Certified B Corporation and Social enterprise, we measure our success, attract top talent, and make meaningful contributions to clients, partners, and our community.

Brand Tracking in Chicago:

Navigating Market Trends
with Precision

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Brand Tracking

Brand tracking research involves monitoring and analyzing the performance of a brand over time, focusing on aspects like brand awareness, brand equity, customer perceptions, and preference within a specific market. This type of research is critical for businesses to understand their position in the market, assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, and identify areas for improvement.

Compared to other cities, brand tracking research in Chicago requires a deeper understanding of the local market’s complexities. The need to cater to a diverse and economically varied population, combined with the competitive nature of the city’s market, means that brand tracking efforts must be more nuanced, localized, and adaptive to effectively capture and analyze brand performance within the Chicago area.

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Understanding Brand Health

Our team of brand consulting experts are dedicated to boosting the vitality of your brand. With thoughtful strategy, we will evaluate the attributes with consumers that underpin the sustained worth and vigor of your brand, ensuring a holistic understanding of its condition.

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Measuring Brand Growth

At BrandIQ, our brand strategy Chicago experts delve into multiple facets of brand expansion, focusing on elements like persuasion, commitment, momentum, and motivation.

Our rich background in brand consulting has consistently showcased our proficiency in aligning key measures with the overall effectiveness, visibility, and reputation of brands. The primary purpose of our advanced branding services is to equip you with the capabilities necessary to cultivate a flourishing brand identity.

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BrandIQ: One of the Top Market Research Firms Chicago

Strategic Brand Strategy Chicago

At BrandIQ, we have brand strategy agency Chicago experts, whose mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to fully realize their brand’s inherent capabilities. Our philosophy rejects one-size-fits-all answers, favoring a tailored strategy for each brand that appreciates the distinctiveness of our methodology and seeks a personalized experience for their key personnel and stakeholders.

Utilizing best-in-class practices that merge creativity with analytical rigor, we employ innovative approaches to reveal insights deeply rooted in cultural relevance. These insights become the foundation for developing brand strategy, value propositions, and a differentiated brand positioning that will stand out in the market.

Putting It All Together With Expert Guidance

Our eclectic mix of business analysts, data experts, cultural scholars, and innovative designers converge diverse perspectives to seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative insights, brand strategy, and breakthrough innovation.

Our framework serves as a blueprint for structuring organizations, with a deep focus on alignment. We ignite enthusiasm, foster instinctual understanding, and stretch the limits of creative ideation, encouraging teams to engage collectively, internalize, and align, thereby advancing with a unified strategic direction and purpose.

Our clientele often commend us for instilling a profound sense of ownership in their primary teams. This empowerment facilitates alignment and activation, as stakeholders genuinely comprehend and adopt their responsibilities, moving forward with a shared commitment and vision.

Emotional Brand Engagement

At the heart of our approach lies a deep understanding that the essence of brand growth is rooted in understanding customers’ values and motivations.

We guide our clients in building meaningful bonds with their customers, uncovering the intricate desires and passions that shape consumer behavior. Our goal is to inspire and enable our clients to fully understand the perspective of their customers.

Our methodology encourages business leaders to converge on three critical questions: 1. The essence of the brand, 2. Its unique attributes, and 3. Why do people resonate with the brand.

Our commitment is to aid you in crafting a differentiated positioning and content strategies that will distinguish your brand in the competitive landscape of Chicago and beyond.

Market Research Company Chicago

Our holistic approach to brand strategy development encompasses dedicated assistance for the core team, guaranteeing that every department within the organization aligns under a unified brand trajectory.

Brand Strategy Chicago: Our expertise lies in delivering end-to-end brand activation solutions, influencing key areas such as marketing and advertising initiatives, launching social media campaigns, crafting communication and messaging strategies, branding services, and developing strategic platforms for growth. Our experienced market research company Chicago professionals are committed to facilitating a coordinated and seamless process, ensuring the engagement of essential stakeholders at opportune moments. Our method fosters a collaborative environment, allowing cross-disciplinary teams to unite in the creation, implementation, and prioritization of effective strategies and actions. This collaboration outlines a definitive route for the team, clarifying both the direction and the methodology for achieving objectives, all with a focus on significantly enhancing sales outcomes. With our brand strategy Chicago experience in brand activation and management, we empower stakeholders with a profound sense of investment, thereby catalyzing superior sales performance.

Market Research Company Chicago

Market Research Firms Chicago:
BrandIQ Stands Out

At BrandIQ, our expertise is centered on guiding companies through the complex journey of brand development and endurance. We are brand strategy Chicago specialists in research and strategic planning, dedicated to enhancing your brand’s positioning and competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our extensive array of brand consulting services encompasses the entirety of your brand’s development and management needs.

Brand Strategy Agency Chicago Experts: Boasting a team of experts in brand analysis, strategy, and academic frameworks, we apply this experience to practical brand and business scenarios. We’re poised to assist in either defining or refining your brand’s strategic direction. This includes crafting profiles for your target audience, articulating a compelling value proposition, establishing your brand positioning, and devising an effective communication strategy. We create strategies rooted in data, tailored to bolster your objectives across digital marketing, content marketing, or traditional marketing channels. Our brand specialists are equipped to persistently track your brand’s health, delivering comprehensive reports that enable you to monitor advancements and make decisions grounded in solid data.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to collect and analyze data with precision and efficiency, guaranteeing our findings are both reliable and actionable. Our offerings are customized to meet your unique requirements, catering to both emerging startups aiming to carve out a brand presence, as well as established global companies seeking to refresh their brand identity. Our ethos centers on fostering collaborative relationships and maintaining open lines of communication with our clients at every step. Our team stands ready to address your inquiries and navigate you through the research journey.

Market Research Company Chicago

Brand Strategy Chicago

Our seasoned team of market research professionals has extensive expertise in the Chicago marketplace.

Strategic Data Analysis

Our specialists in analytics and branding synthesize the data into significant insights. We deliver a comprehensive report accompanied by actionable recommendations to steer your strategic choices.

Understanding Chicago’s Unique Market Landscape

Our expertise encompasses the unique traits and the intense competitive landscape of the business ecosystem. Undertaking research that truly reflects this varied nature demands sophisticated segmentation and meticulous sampling approaches. Nonetheless, we recognize the considerable benefits presented by Chicago, including its well-educated talent pool and a broad spectrum of consumers. Our thorough analysis will empower you to tailor your marketing and product strategies, ensuring they align with the preferences of the local market.

Customized Research Solutions

Our team isn’t limited to a single research approach. We’re dedicated to creating a customized strategy, employing the most suitable research techniques for the task at hand—even advising against further research if leveraging existing studies proves more beneficial. By integrating both quantitative and qualitative data through mixed methods, we delve into a more profound deliverable.

25 years

We’ve perfected the formula for conducting market research in Chicago. Leveraging our customized research strategies, a team rich in experience, and a history of achievements, we stand ready to guide you towards making well-informed choices, capturing opportunities, and flourishing in the Chicago landscape.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

At BrandIQ, Qualitative Market Research is among our core competencies: we provide a full spectrum of services designed to convert data into practical insights, including focus groups, observational shop-alongs, and in-depth interviews (IDIs). We engage closely with our clients to grasp their specific goals, customizing our research techniques accordingly.

Our experienced team, with their rich background in anthropology, sociology, and ethnography, meticulously plans and carries out research projects. We are committed to selecting the appropriate participants and fostering an atmosphere where they can freely express genuine feedback, thus ensuring the collection of high-quality data. Our aim is to replicate a consumer’s natural environment as closely as possible, enabling us to capture authentic responses. This focus on the consumer experience helps us uncover the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of consumers, providing strategic insights that can drive your brand forward, boost engagement with your audience, and distinguish you from your competitors.

Our role is more than just gathering data; we bring it to life. We delve into the data with a zeal for uncovering unseen connections and patterns, synthesizing varied consumer inputs into a comprehensive narrative.

Qualitative Research Chicago

Quantitative Research

Our methodologies for quantitative research is both deliberate and strategic. Our quantitative market research methods deliver meaningful insights, steering clear of overwhelming you with mere statistics devoid of actionable context.

Our objective is to unearth findings that not only enlighten and motivate but also substantiate business strategies and address complex challenges.

We employ a diverse array of quantitative research techniques, including brand tracking, segmentation, and analysis of category awareness and usage (A&U’s). By integrating design-thinking principles into our quantitative research efforts, we ensure that our investigations probe into questions of genuine significance to consumers, yielding revelations that have a tangible impact.

The specific nature of our research, which includes elements such as quantitative research design, participant engagement, methodologies, and questionnaires, is meticulously customized to align with the individual objectives of each of our clients.

Quantitative Research Chicago


We feel so confident in our strategic plan and partnership with BrandIQ. We appreciate all you are doing on so many projects – and look forward to really getting in the details to create tactical plans. My sincerest thanks to all the BrandIQ team members for their enormous contributions in moving us forward.

Todd Smith
Past President, Sonic Drive-In

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