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BrandIQ has been the Bay Area’s leading branding strategy agency for over 20+ years. With our comprehensive brand services, BrandIQ will help you build a strong and memorable brand that resonates with your target audience and drives business growth.

Why Choose BrandIQ As Your Brand Strategy Consultancy

Human-Centered Approach

Our team forges the perfect balance between science, art, intuition, and logic with a human-centered approach.



For more than 2 decades, we’ve created innovative solutions that empower our clients to build meaningful connections with the people they serve.

B Corp Values

Business for Good is in our DNA. As a Certified B Corporation and Social enterprise, we measure our success, attract top talent, and make meaningful contributions to clients, partners, and our community.

Brand Tracking in San Francisco:

Making Data-Driven

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Brand Tracking

Brand tracking research is a systematic approach to monitoring the health and performance of a brand over time. It involves collecting data and insights on various aspects of a brand’s presence in the market, including consumer awareness, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors towards the brand. The primary goal of brand tracking research is to understand how different marketing activities and external factors are affecting the brand’s position and equity among its target audience.

Brand tracking research in San Francisco would also consider the unique aspects of the local market, such as demographic diversity, tech-savviness, and specific consumer trends and preferences.

Understanding Brand Health icon

Understanding Brand Health

Our team of brand experts will assist in understanding your brand’s health. They will comprehensively analyze your brand’s health, considering all the factors contributing to its long-term value and well-being.

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Measuring Brand Growth

At BrandIQ, we measure various aspects of brand growth, such as persuasion, commitment, momentum, and motivation.

Having accumulated extensive experience, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to correlate essential metrics with brand performance, awareness, and perception. Our brand tracking tools are ultimately designed to empower you in constructing a prosperous brand.

Brand Tracking in San Francisco

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in the Bay Area

Tailored Approach

At BrandIQ, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes unlock their true brand potential. There are no cookie-cutter solutions at BrandIQ. We work with brands that see value in the uniqueness of our approach, and want a custom, bespoke experience for their core team and stakeholders.

We use best-in-class methods that combine ‘art’ and science applied in smart, thoughtful and unique ways to uncover culturally-relevant aha moments that are tangible and can drive brand strategy, value proposition development and a differentiated brand positioning.

Putting It All Together With Expert Guidance

Our multi-disciplinary team of business strategists, data scientists, cultural theorists and design thinkers bring together multiple points of view to bridge the gaps between qualitative and quantitative research, brand strategy and innovation.

Our framework ‘organizes the organization,’ since alignment is at the heart of what we do. We generate excitement, build intuition and push the boundaries of creative thinking enabling teams to collaboratively weigh-in, internalize and align, moving forward with one voice and one set of strategic priorities.

Our clients tell us that we help their core teams feel a sense of ownership. This successfully enables alignment and activation that gets better results because stakeholders FEEL AND INTERNALIZE what they need to do in their role going forward.

Human Centered Consumer-first POV

Human values and motivations are at the core of our work, since we know that emotional connections drive brand growth.

We help clients build meaningful connections between their brand and the consumers they care about. We don’t stop at the “why” consumers feel the way they do, we go beyond that to dig deeper into nuanced motivations and passions. We inspire and empower stakeholders to connect with the insights that matter. We build empathy within your team by helping clients put themselves in the shoes of their customers.

Our framework gets business leaders to align around three things: 1-What is the brand? 2-How is it different? 3-Why do people want it?

We will help you develop a differentiated positioning, as well as content strategies that will set you apart in the Bay area market.

Brand Activation & Management

Our comprehensive brand strategy development includes support for the core team to ensure all functional areas of the organization are moving in the same brand direction.

We specialize in comprehensive brand activation services, that can drive various areas, including marketing and advertising campaigns, social media campaign launches, communication and messaging strategy, and strategic growth platforms. Our seasoned branding team is here to assist you in designing a collaborative and smooth experience, engaging the right stakeholders at the right time. Our approach enables cross-functional teams to work together to build, operationalize, and prioritize strategies and tactics. This creates a clear map for the whole team on where to go and how to get there. This is all designed to have maximum impact on sales results. With our brand activation and management expertise, we will enable stakeholders to feel a sense of ownership igniting better sales results.

Bay Area Brand Analyst

At BrandIQ, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the intricate realm of growing and strengthening a brand. Our primary focus is to provide you a team of brand research and strategy experts that will help you achieve a stronger and more strategically positioned brand which will improve your market competitiveness.

Our approach is proven to help you

Boost Brand

Increase Customer Engagement


Our comprehensive suite of brand analysis services covers all aspects of your brand’s growth and oversight.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of brand analysis, strategy, and best-in-class proven academic theories applied to real brand and business challenges. We help you define or refine your brand strategy, which includes developing target audience profiles, a value proposition, your brand positioning, and communication strategy. We develop data-driven strategies that align with your brand goals, whether you need to drive digital marketing, content marketing, or traditional channels. Our brand analysts can continuously monitor your brand’s performance through brand health tracking, and provide detailed reports so you can track progress and make informed business decisions.

We invest in the latest tools and technologies to gather and analyze data efficiently and effectively, ensuring our insights are accurate and actionable. We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you’re a startup looking to establish a brand, or a $3B global brand seeking to reinvigorate your brand identity. We believe in partnership and transparent communication with our clients throughout the entire process. Our friendly team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Market Research in the Bay Area

Market Research Expertise

Our team of experienced market researchers have years of experience in this unique market.

Meaningful Data Analysis

Our analysts and brand experts synthesize the information, drawing meaningful insights. We provide a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations to guide your decision-making.

Comprehensive Insights

We understand the distinctive characteristics and competitive business environment. Conducting research that accurately represents this diversity can be complex, requiring careful segmentation and sampling strategies. Despite these challenges, we know the Bay Area also offers significant advantages, such as access to a highly educated workforce, a culture of innovation, and a diverse customer base. Our in-depth analysis help you tailor your marketing and product strategies to resonate with the local audience.

Tailored Research Approach

We are not staffed to do one kind of research, we are solution-agnostic. Since we are not invested in any specific methodology, we always develop a tailored plan using the right research methodologies to address the challenge (including telling you when you don’t need to do additional research, leveraging other past research work). When we use mixed methods and gather both quantitative data and qualitative data we’re able to find a deeper story.

We’ve unlocked the secret to doing market research in the Bay Area. With our tailored research solutions, experienced team, and a track record of success, we’re here to help you make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and thrive in the Bay Area region.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

At BrandIQ, one of our many specialties is Qualitative Market Research, offering a comprehensive suite of services to transform data into actionable insights, such as focus groups, shop-a-longs, and IDIs. We work closely with you to understand your unique objectives, tailoring our research methods to meet your needs.

Our team brings their background in anthropology, sociology, and ethnography to design and implement well designed research. We ensure we recruit the right participants and we provide a space where they feel comfortable to give honest opinions ensuring high quality responses. We believe in creating an environment true to life for consumers so they can give us real world opinions. Our human-centered approach gets at consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences so we can provide you with superior recommendations that will move your brand forward, increase consumer engagement, and help you outshine the competition.

We don’t just collect the data, we bring it to life. We have a passion for exploring hidden relationships and patterns in the data, weaving together disparate responses.

Qualitative Research san-francisco

Quantitative Research

We take a strategic approach to quantitative research. Our quantitative market research will deliver data, but it will not be a data dump.

Numbers without context won’t help solve your toughest business challenges. We focus on insights that can animate and inspire, prove business cases and solve problems.

We use a range of quantitative research methods which includes brand tracking, segmentation, and category A & U’s. We apply design-thinking principals to quantitative market research, ensuring our research is asking questions that matter to consumers, and delivering insights that will truly make a difference.

The type of research we conduct – and elements such as quantitative research design, sample sizes, methodologies, questionnaires and research questions – are always carefully tailored to each client’s goals.

Quantitative Research san-francisco


We feel so confident in our strategic plan and partnership with BrandIQ. We appreciate all you are doing on so many projects – and look forward to really getting in the details to create tactical plans. My sincerest thanks to all the BrandIQ team members for their enormous contributions in moving us forward.

Todd Smith
Past President, Sonic Drive-In

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