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Brand tracking that makes a deeper Connection.

Out of all the Brand Tracking Companies, Our firm specializes in providing brand tracking techniques designed to determine how quickly you can solve a customer problem or meet a customer requirement.

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Awarded for being in the top 10% of companies creating the most positive workforce impact in the global community. @BCorporation

At BrandIQ

Real Brand Tracking Metrics

Your inputs and measurements should be more accurate for better brand performance tracking. Our Brand Tracking Market Research Agency customize to your specific needs, allowing us to:

  • Measure changes in brand perception – short and long-term
  • Offer continuous monitoring of brands and campaigns
  • Identify indicators of brand strengths and challenges
  • Inform decisions on brand strategy
  • Respond faster and keep on track toward your goals
  • Explore potential impacts of new product introductions
  • Leverage our multi-disciplinary approach to connect across business units
Track Your Brand Performance

Brand Tracking Research

We use sophisticated analytics and brand tracking metrics to bridge thousands of data points, which means we spot trends early and provide Brand Tracking Best Practices. Our team applies fresh thinking and detailed analysis to this critical information, guiding your brand forward strategically.

our proven ability

Precise decision-making across your company

With our Brand Tracking Research Agency and proven ability to connect customer insight and marketing strategy we guide your team to turn brand tracking from an abstract idea to a practical set of actions you can start implementing straight away.

You can engage more stakeholders, providing needed learnings for key decisions. At BrandIQ we have deep and broad experience in getting leaders and staff involved across brand tracking companies, ensuring long-term commitment and a focused, informed effort to put your brand ahead of the competition and keep it there over time.

Why choose BrandIQ for brand tracking



Dynamic big picture view


Senior team of experts continuously watching over your brand


Best-in-class methods applied thoughtfully


Consumer-centric uncovering the 'why’


Creative, thoughtful interpretation of data and insights


Timely and Relevant results to always be informed


Convergent storytelling


Kind Words From our clients

“We feel so confident in our strategic plan and partnership with BrandIQ. We appreciate all you guys are doing on so many projects – and look forward to really getting in the details to create tactical plans. My sincerest thanks to all the BrandIQ team members for their enormous contributions in moving us forward.”

Todd Smith, Past President
Sonic Drive-In

our proven ability

Case Study

Brand Tracking for the long term

13 years of staying fresh and impactful.

A long-term client is in the ice cream business, a category where the competition is always diligently building their own robust feedback loops and checking on strategy. There is no room for “yesterday’s techniques” to keep our client ahead of the game.

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Why Choose BrandIQ As Your Brand Tracking Agency

B Corp Values

Using business as a force for good has been in our DNA since the beginning, so becoming a Certified B Corporation enables us to formally measure our success, recruit and retain the best talent, make measurable contributions to our clients, partners and our community.

25 Years

For 25 years we’ve created innovative solutions that empower our clients to build meaningful connections with the people they serve.


Watch a Short Video from our CEO

Watch BrandIQ’s Chief Energizing Officer Mike Murphy talk about what makes us the go-to insights and strategic partner to many of the world’s most innovative companies.