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We take a novel approach to classic research across qualitative and quantitative studies.

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Our Approach

Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

We take a novel approach to classic research across qualitative and quantitative studies.

Our qualitative work thrives at the intersection of the arts and science. Using an empathy-driven method allows us to discern why consumers do the things they do. We uncover culturally-relevant “aha” moments that are tangible, actionable, and communicated through powerful and engaging stories.

Drawing on our understanding of cultural context, trends, and industry landscape, we translate these conversations into game-changing insights for your organization.

Qualitative research specialties:

  • Focus Groups – in person and online
  • IDI’s
  • Ethnography
  • Consumer Journey
  • Consumer Co-Creation
  • Convening
  • Consumer Immersion
  • Category Immersion
  • Design-Thinking Groups
  • Value Proposition Workshops

Organizations must know what truly differentiates their product and brand from the rest of the crowd. We help clients get to the heart of what makes consumers fall in love with your products.

How We Help

Customer research methods

Qualitative research for deep customer intelligence

BrandIQ develops cutting-edge market research tools to uncover the emotional layers of consumer behavior that cannot be captured with quantitative methods alone.

Human behavior is influenced by psychological, social, and cultural factors that require context, conversation and active listening to decode. Understanding consumers’ emotions and motivations helps you position your brand and products distinctly and make deep connections with your customers.

Emotional “jobs” are the heart of your customers’ love affair with your brand

When we purchase a product or service, we essentially “hire” it to help us do a “job.” We use the technique of emotional laddering to uncover the functional, social and emotional jobs consumers need done in their lives.

If a product/brand does its job well, the next time we are confronted with the same job, we tend to hire that product again. These jobs compliment the functional benefits and create a deeper connection with your consumer.
By transforming your understanding of customer choice, in a way that no amount of data ever could, you can leverage the drivers behind a purchase.

Established academic theories applied creatively

We employ innovative yet established methods to ensure you benefit from the newest thinking and receive insights you can trust.

We specialize in understanding cultural context, trends, and your brand and product’s competitive landscape. BrandIQ team members who are grounded in anthropology and sociology—and trained to balance academic rigor with real-world practicality—will conduct research on your behalf.

Go Beyond Describing Data

Qualitative Customer Research

Quantitative customer research, the companion discipline to qualitative, provides data that can animate and inspire, prove business cases, solve problems and uncover opportunity.

BrandIQ’s customer research analysts go beyond simply describing the data. We explore the hidden relationships and patterns within data sets and interpret the results, painting multiple portraits of a landscape or a segment that are the most true to life and the most actionable.

We use design thinking principles to ensure our research is asking questions that matter and delivering insights that will truly make a difference. Our human-centered, iterative approach to uncovering consumer’s thoughts, feelings and experiences allows us to build more accurate and mobile forward survey instruments with resonance.

Quantitative research





Landscape studies


Product and service optimization


Brand health, brand tracking


A&U, online and mobile surveys


Multilingual surveys


Driver analysis


Price elasticity


Communication testing


Choice models


Product evaluation
Count on Us to Help

Grow Your Business

Research data and analytics that uncover opportunity

Trusting your gut in these times is not enough. BrandIQ’s customer research methods deliver data that can animate and inspire, prove business cases and solve problems.” under H3 “Research data and analytics that uncover opportunity

Partnering with you, we validate and better inform your ‘hunches’ by getting definitive answers from people that matter the most – your target audience and customers. We help you grow your business, innovate your offerings and delight your customers.

Our cross-disciplinary team keeps the big picture in focus while meticulously managing all the crucial details required in collecting high quality survey data and making data-driven decisions that translate into in-market success.

Integrating with Qualitative Research/Other Business Data

Our philosophy is to bring as much context into your research initiatives as possible – whether we design a multi-phased research initiative or work with what you have already done.

We strive to bring qualitative learnings into our quantitative survey work and vice versa. The results? More actionable and impactful results that all stakeholders can get behind.

Count on us to give you the tools to develop your annual research plan in a way that connects the dots and results in a comprehensive decision framework that evolves with the times and your annual business needs.

Applying Design Thinking to Quantitative Research

These principles ensure our research is asking questions that matter and delivering insights that will truly make a difference.

Our customer research specialist remove bias and accurately measure KPI’s that are reliable and sensitive to your objectives, while ensuring we capture clear, concise data using language your audience understands. Whether you want to speak to Early Adopters, Foodies, Fashionistas, Tweens (and/or their Moms), or one of many other valuable audiences… we have you covered!


Kind Words From our clients

“We feel so confident in our strategic plan and partnership with BrandIQ. We appreciate all you guys are doing on so many projects – and look forward to really getting in the details to create tactical plans. My sincerest thanks to all the BrandIQ team members for their enormous contributions in moving us forward.”

Todd Smith, Past President
Sonic Drive-In

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For 25 years we’ve created innovative solutions that empower our clients to build meaningful connections with the people they serve.


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