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Food Innovation to Satisfy My 2-Year-Old Dictator

By May 2, 2016November 25th, 2021No Comments3 min read

Picky eater photoSunday mornings always seem the same. The same restaurant and the same order for my son, “he will have the kid’s waffle please.” Unfortunately I feel terrible every time because although my son will actually eat the waffle, I know there is nothing nutritious about it. It’s a constant trade-off between staying home and preparing fun, homemade Octopus Egg Scrambles (something healthy we created at home that our son actually eats), versus getting him out of the house to explore new environments, but always eating something unhealthy.

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Why do I keep going back to that restaurant? Why do we keep ordering the same thing even though it is not nutritious? It all comes down to one thing: my 2 year old is a dictator. If the food in front of him is not carb heavy or isn’t interactive and fun, he won’t touch it. I can’t express how many wasted meals we have paid for in an attempt to broaden our son’s dining experiences. Like most parents out there, I try to order better-for-you meals for my son and I hate having to order something from the adults section just because nothing is healthy on the children’s menu. I do have hope…restaurants can make healthier children’s menus that are innovative and fun. It just takes some work.

It turns out that I am not the only parent raising a dictator. Every day more and more of my clients are focusing on menu innovation for families, looking to create offerings that are healthy, tasty and different from the competition. Using BrandIQ’s innovation framework, smart restaurants are developing menus for the needs of families like my own. Restaurants are learning how to combine what consumers want, with the tastes they are already known for. BrandIQ helps clients get the inspiration they need to differentiate themselves from competitors and build loyalty with consumers they might not have served before.

Each restaurant is different and there is not a one size fits all solution. BrandIQ’s innovation process allows our clients to refresh their brand and build equity with all unique targets. Great, better for you food…family friendly environments…creative ways to grab a bite to go…BrandIQ helps restaurants use innovation to make everyone’s lives easier.

Although BrandIQ helps restaurants push past the competition, BrandIQ also gives me the opportunity to fulfill my ulterior motives. It allows me to create menus to satisfy the dictator in my family, while still making me feel positive as a parent.

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Michael Murphy