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Case Study

Global Entertainment Company Revitalizes Content for Millennials

By May 29, 2014November 25th, 2021No Comments3 min read

Utilizing just-in-time adaptation, inspired improvisation, and fluidity of bespoke research methodologies, BrandIQ went beyond delivering a full schedule of targeted, culturally relevant content, to articulating a viable, long-range programming strategy.


“Thank you for the creative brain space that we are now in. You took us to places we would have never dreamed of. I will leave here thinking completely differently about our opportunities going forward.”

-Director, Marketing Strategy


Our initial project focus was decidedly on track, as we worked to create exciting new content targeted to millennials for one of the client’s mass-media channels. Little did we know, the worst blizzard of the decade would provide the immovable circumstances for a deeper, more powerful outcome.

Stripped of our stimuli, with our East Coast team stymied by snow, we utilized in-the-moment adaptation to deploy exploratory research in truly creative ways. We gathered our participants (the show must go on!), and relied on storytelling and guided imagination to propel them to the finish line.
The outcome was incredible: a blizzard of insights we wouldn’t have gained otherwise, that allowed us to deliver a full slate of content ideas, ready to put into production. We then went above and beyond to deliver a custom programming strategy good for many seasons to come.


We nimbly adapted to potentially project-halting realities out of our control, transforming them from costly roadblocks into co-created, meaningful content generated by their imagination.

By deploying qualitative methods in purely creative ways, we surfaced an abundance of insights so meaningful, we created a short film (shot by our on-site crew) now a gem in our client’s marketing treasure chest.

Having captured and quantified the client’s bankable opportunities — based on strategic learning — we delivered a raft of content ideas, many ready to put into pre-production.

Combining qualitative, quantitative, and content aable to fuel client-generated content development for many seasons to come.

Results & Growth

Initially engaged to take viewership to the next level, and develop culturally relevant content for the millennial target audience, BrandIQ pushed beyond formidable obstacles to uncover insights into millennial beliefs and attitudes about the subject matter, and the role this content plays in their lives.

We then built a team of client stakeholders, researchers, creatives, and consumers, to co-create countless viable content concepts ready for potential production. We also developed a custom programming strategy, allowing the client to create meaningful content long after our engagement.

Michael Murphy