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Case Study

Helping a Global QSR Innovate from tactical to Sustained Success

By September 30, 2014November 25th, 2021No Comments3 min read

Through responsive, uniquely applied qualitative methodologies, rapid prototyping, and custom strategies, BrandIQ was instrumental in helping our client achieve a historic product launch. From this starting point, we provided a clear road-map for sustained innovation that contributed to the client being named “Restaurant Stock of the Year.”


“The innovation work that BrandIQ does for our company is completely impressive. Their attention to the smallest details when bringing things to life is always a ‘Wow.’ We really appreciate BrandIQ’s effort and work in helping us bring new things to the market.”

-Brand Manager


We began our engagement with a tactical challenge: How can we create, and launch, a brand new LTO (limited-time offer) that drives traffic. R&D had developed an array of tantalizing possibilities. But we quickly isolated the missing ingredient: context.

We immediately went to work, discovering what mattered most to the target consumers — their hidden desires, emotional need-states, and situational purchasing drivers. By surfacing both context and relevancy, we then helped the client develop, position, optimize, and launch a truly compelling offering that became one of the most beloved products — and successful launches — in company history.

Emboldened by this victory, and inspired by BrandIQ’s unique deliverables, our client gained the confidence to ask much bigger questions about game-changing innovation within their market category.

We produced custom deliverables — streamlined booklets, chapbooks, and other take-aways — filled with inspiring, tangible ways to visualize the company’s future state and the path to get there.

Through our next-generation innovation process that included cultural and culinary trend context, we are, together, imagining a future that will give consumers an experience they will love.


BrandIQ helped this global QSR create and launch an LTO developed to drive restaurant traffic. It quickly became the most successful product launch in company history.

By deploying responsive, uniquely applied qualitative methodologies and rapid prototyping, we helped the client pinpoint the emotional Why that drove customers to their counters.

BrandIQ delivered context, positioning, and optimization recommendations. We also created communication guardrails that informed national advertising campaigns.

And by producing custom, creative deliverables — visual, tangible, streamlined stories that far exceed standard market-research reports — we provided a clear, actionable, inspiring road-map to the company’s own future: documentation that will continue to drive our client’s radical innovations within the category.

Results & Growth

Through rapid prototyping, and responsive qualitative methodologies, BrandIQ helped develop, contextualize, and optimize what quickly became a beloved new product that drove increased traffic. We identified clear emotional drivers that informed positioning and product messaging. And we helped create and launch relevant, desirable, differentiated new products across multiple menu categories.

We surfaced the story that was about customers’ emotional “Why” — the reasons people loved the new product. This resounding success gave our client the confidence to think long-term, and the courage to re-imagine the product experience. By doing this, we gently shepherded our client to game-changing innovation.

Michael Murphy