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Strategy & Examples to Enhance Your Business

How much awareness of your brand do consumers possess? Brand awareness is a concept that can drive the equity of your brand. It refers to the strength of a brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind.

How much has your brand developed a ‘buzz’ on social media? Is your brand on trend, and does that show up in your online presence?

Brand awareness can rise and fall. The rise or fall will depend on the marketing strategies used by the business to heighten the awareness of the brand. However, measuring your brand awareness is vital. If you are not measuring it, you will not know if it is increasing or decreasing. 

Why is brand awareness so essential, and what techniques can you use to build and develop your brand awareness?  

Importance of Brand Awareness

What makes a consumer purchase your product? Well, primarily, your product must be something they need or want. In addition, the product must be great and shine amongst the competition.  

However, the consumer must also be aware of the brand and the product. It is the first step towards your brand/product being part of their consideration when purchasing. They must know what it is and why it is excellent.  

80% of males and 76% of female customers purchase products from brands they know. ( If you focus on recall and recognition, it should enhance your brand awareness and thus brand equity.  

Furthermore, there must be an element of brand trust and perceived quality. Consumers need to believe that they are purchasing a quality item. Perceived quality is the most crucial factor in driving financial performance.  

This consumer will return to your brand repeatedly, dismissing the competition and staying loyal and steadfast. The consumer will associate the product with your brand automatically. 

To develop brand trust and perceived quality, you must achieve brand awareness first. Brand awareness is vital to attract the consumer and to become a famous brand with a ‘buzz’ circling the business.  

Brand awareness gives your brand a platform, ensuring that consumers can see and hear the benefits they are looking to find. 

With excellent brand awareness, your brand is known by most and loved by many. Sales will undoubtedly increase, with consumers excitedly anticipating marketing campaigns and new product launches. With poor brand awareness, your products will fail to sell successfully. 

You could employ a brand tracking agency or an advertising agency to study your brand awareness and begin building a brand strategy. Or you can follow our expert tips to create brand awareness for your business! 

How to Build Brand Awareness

Any business can achieve brand awareness. However, brand awareness requires focus, self-awareness, creative promotional techniques, and a little luck. 

The aim is to convey your story to the consumer so that every potential consumer notices you. First, ensure they know what your brand is about and what products you have to offer. Then, run critical advertisements and marketing campaigns to heighten the awareness of your brand to maximize success. 

Check out the following top tips for building brand awareness:

Be personable

Brand awareness is often a derivative of brand trust, so market your brand with a personable identity. Try to create a brand approach that the consumer can relate to.  

You may only have one shot at impacting the consumer, so make sure you adopt the best approach. Drive brand awareness in a compelling and relevant way that differentiates you, and consumers will want to engage.

Make connections

Traditionally, brand awareness was built via television and radio advertisements and memorable marketing campaigns. While these techniques are still vital to enhance brand awareness to a larger audience, social media has become an efficient and effective marketing method. 

The use of social media in marketing and advertising has reduced costs for many businesses yet has improved their consumer reach. Creating the correct posts and linking your brand account to the best companies and individuals can drive brand awareness.  

Making a spark on social media that creates a buzz or taps into a trend can be effective. But, above all, connecting with other brands and individuals with excellent brand awareness can positively impact you. 

Attract sharing

To maximize your brand’s reach, encourage and entice consumers to share content with others. For example, sponsored blog posts are an excellent way to ride on the back of a successful brand, picking up your own consumers. Likewise, videos and posts on social media gain traction after tapping into a trend, ‘going viral’ to increase your brand awareness further.  

Brand Awareness Strategy

It would be best if you had a strategy to take full advantage of brand awareness and improve consumer awareness and interaction. So, what methods can you use to develop and build your brand awareness?

Here are four methods:

Produce guest blogs

Linking with other brands and individuals is a great way to improve brand awareness. Tap into a niche market where your typical consumers may not have seen your brand before. Producing a guest blog on their site will expand the notoriety of your brand and make others aware of what your brand has to offer. 

Make friends with a partner

Find a partner brand that your brand can team up with, a brand that complements your products. Not only will your reach expand, but you will also raise awareness of the professionality of your branding. Choosing a partner who is established and can help to enhance your brand awareness is the perfect strategy! 

Use a slogan

Slogans that are catchy to the consumer’s ear have been a successful brand awareness strategy for many decades. A slogan should be short and sweet, in addition to being relevant to your brand. Ultimately, you want the slogan to epitomize what your brand stands for and what you can offer the consumer. 

Use an image

Visual images are even more effective than a catchy slogan in raising brand awareness. As soon as you see Apple’s logo, you know what brand and product the image refers to. What about Adidas’ three-stripe image? The three stripes are incorporated further into Adidas’ products, so you know what brand is behind the product. 

Producing a recognizable image is not easy and will not take off overnight. However, create a simple symbol that features heavily in your marketing and advertising campaigns. This will eventually work to increase your brand awareness. 

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. Therefore, it is critical to work on brand recall and recognition that will keep your brand top of mind at that moment of truth when a purchase decision is being made. 

If you focus on recall and recognition, it should considerably enhance your brand awareness and thus brand equity.  

Focus on strategic brand awareness more than general brand awareness. It is better to be remembered for the ‘right’ reasons than just remembered. (Or even remembered for the wrong reasons) 

As well as needing great brand awareness strategies, you need to use the most appropriate methods to measure your progress. There are market research facilities near me and you, whatever your location! If you are searching for help measuring your brand awareness, Los Angeles has amazing services to offer. In addition, if you need someone to conduct market research, Los Angeles is the place to be! It is the launchpad for the most innovative new products and global brands in the U.S. 

While hiring an ad agency means you may achieve professional brand awareness more quickly, you may want to try some approaches yourself first before parting with the cash! 

Methods to increase brand awareness

Offering another brand free content is one great way to tie in with a partner or other brand. This content could be text, images, videos, or podcasts, so be imaginative!  

You could also increase brand awareness by offering a freemium. A freemium involves giving the consumer a basic product for free, such as a free app to download. Consumers love free products, enhancing your brand awareness substantially!  

Consumers gain a taste of what your brand has to offer and become hungry to upgrade and test the premium version. This method entices the consumer with a freebie, yet in many cases results in a purchase. 

Additionally, a great method to increase brand awareness is to sponsor an event or a sports team. If your local sports team has your logo and contact details printed on their shirts, you are reaching a wide scope of consumers. Sponsorship will also improve the image of your brand as a community-oriented business. 

How to Measure Online Brand Awareness?

Knowing your brand’s level of brand online awareness is also important so you can inform future decision-making. So, how do you measure brand awareness successfully? 

Quantitative measure

You can use quantitative metrics to gather a wide range of information regarding brand awareness. Quantitative metrics let you assess the level of direct traffic and the number of people intentionally visiting your website. It also helps you assess overall site traffic levels and the number of people who are visiting your content. 

Further quantitative metrics involve social media and the level of retweets, likes, and comments that refer to your brand. Assess the impact that your content is making on the consumer, measuring brand awareness. 

Qualitative measures

Use qualitative metrics to gain an overview of brand awareness measurements. Set up Google Alerts to receive alerts when your brand is featuring heavily online and use social media management tools to measure engagement. 

Utilizing surveys to measure brand awareness is a timeless metric that is easier than ever thanks to technology! Use tools to create surveys in minutes, sending the survey to a vast range of people to gather an authentic response.  

However, make sure that your survey targets the questions that you need an answer to. Keep surveys short and sweet to engage the consumer.

Brand Awareness Examples

Utilizing a brand awareness campaign to increase brand awareness and ignite a spark in the consumer can be tricky. However, once your brand has created the right campaign, your brand awareness and subsequent sales will surge! 

When Apple launches a new product, they create an event and generate a buzz that consumers are excited about. The brand possesses loyal customers who return to Apple time and time again and would never buy a Samsung phone! Apple’s brand awareness is a clear example of high-quality, innovative products that a customer feels they need to buy. 

Another example of brand awareness is a video campaign ignited by Beauty Bakerie Matt Lip Whip. After creating a waterproof lip gloss, a social media buzz was created where consumers posted their lip gloss swatch underwater. It was an amazing campaign that made sure everyone knew the brand behind this great product! 

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