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How effective is your brand? A successful brand will lead to a successful business, raising brand awareness and ensuring that your brand is desirable.

The more people know about your brand, the more the chances of products being purchased from your business. Brand Awareness ensures this. . After all, how could someone buy your products if they do not know that your brand exists?

A way to measure the success of your brand is to measure brand awareness, discovering how many people know what your brand offers.

But, how do you know that your brand is well-known by its intended customers? Measuring brand awareness is simple yet can help you assess and build on your brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness determines how aware other people are of your brand. Do they know that your brand or product even exists?

To achieve business success, consumers need to know the name of your business, what products you offer, and what makes you different!

Why should the consumer purchase your product and not a product from one of your competitors? Your brand needs to stand out and become a much-talked-about brand that is desired by many.

The brands with the best brand awareness eventually become synonymous with their product. The ultimate goal of any business is to lead the public to think of their brand when they think of the product in question.

Heightening your brand awareness will entice the consumer to link your brand with a product, dismissing your competitors automatically.

Why is brand awareness important?

Monitoring brand awareness is essential to measure your market share and influence future decision-making. Ask yourself what areas you need to develop to enhance brand awareness, and make the consumer sit up and take notice. Taking the right approach to developing brand awareness is vital to the overall development of your business.

Brand awareness metrics help you see which elements need greater attention, assessing brand recall success. Has your brand achieved its intended goals? Brand awareness metrics will help you to decipher this and inform your next decision-making process.

You can quickly seek brand research or brand health services to measure your brand awareness. Brand research companies can support you wherever you are located! If you are searching for brand research or market research, Los Angeles-based brand tracking company, BrandIQ, can take care of your brand measurement metrics, brand tracking and brand awareness.

Alternatively, you could measure brand awareness yourself using ten key tactics. The use of ten tactics is straightforward to complete, using easily accessible tools to assess the awareness related to your brand.

Brand Awareness Tactics

Here are the ten tactics you should use to measure your brand awareness and your customer market research strategies!

You can use some of these tactics to assess your brand awareness and increase the online and offline awareness of your brand or business. However, hitting all ten tactics to measure brand awareness is recommended to ensure the optimum awareness performance of your brand is achieved.

Brand awareness survey

Surveys are the best method to use in measuring brand awareness and brand health. Create the questions that you want to ask and disseminate them to a vast number of people that regularly purchase your category. In today’s digital world, online and mobile surveys are the ideal way to find the people you are looking for.

Make sure that you are clear in what you are trying to find out from the survey. Questions should be concise and unbiased so you can receive definitive answers. Additionally, the most successful surveys are short so that the attention of the responder does not become lost among many questions.

Social media brand awareness

Who follows you on social media? Assessing your social media followers helps you to determine the level of brand awareness and consumer interest.

Make sure your social media posts consistently promote your brand and product, aiming to attain the widest reach possible. Check out how many likes, re-tweets, and comments have been posted to your social media posts to gain further insight. Social media can be used effectively as a tool to enhance your brand awareness.

Google Trends brand awareness

Google Trends is an analysis tool that offers to measure your brand awareness in a different way. This tool browses the World Wide Web in pursuit of mentions of your brand and products, assessing awareness online.

Performing the same task for your competitors will help you to measure brand awareness and use your results as a comparison. This can then be adapted to measure awareness against this competitor.

Brand awareness tracker

Let brand tracking software do the heavy lifting. A brand tracking agency is an expert in measuring and helping you increase your brand awareness. Brand tracking consultancies can do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and money over the long term!

Assess your brand awareness success through regular brand tracking surveys run by the brand tracking agency, receiving expert and reliable data. Your marketing strategies will be based on accurate measurements increasing success across your business.

Brand name awareness

Look into your brand name mentions. How often are other people and businesses mentioning you? Tracking mentions of your brand across all online platforms is simple when using the right tool, assessing how popular your brand is. You will then be able to target and engage the right people and businesses to enhance brand awareness further.

Measuring brand awareness Google Analytics

Look for branded search volume in your Google Analytics. What is your brand search volume? How many people search directly for your brand and business name?

Google Analytics can ensure that you are aware of the level of interest in your brand and the number of people showing interest in your brand. Looking for branded search volume in Google Analytics is a key way to ensure that your brand awareness successfully improves.

Brand awareness competitive advantage

Check your share of voice and share of impressions. How does your brand awareness compare to that of your competitors? Finding out this answer is a clear way to assess brand awareness.

Checking your share of voice and share of impressions will enhance your knowledge of your brand awareness, providing a clear insight into where your marketing strategy should lead next.

Improve brand awareness on the website

Analyze your performance with earned media. Never underestimate the influence that third-party websites can have on your level of brand awareness! Utilizing this tactic in conjunction with other tactics will drive your brand awareness further, offering clear insight into marketing decisions.

Building traffic increases brand awareness

Dive into your referral traffic stats. Assess your level of referral links and the different types of branded searches related to your brand. Making links and joining forces with other brands and companies can help to boost and drive your brand awareness.

Utilizing Google Analytics is the perfect way to dive into your referral traffic stats, filtering referral links that are irrelevant to your brand.

Brand awareness content ideas

Keep an eye on how your content is performing. A successful brand will create great content that attracts the consumer. Discover how well your blog posts, social media content, and digital media are being received across the internet.

You can dive into YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to assess the performance of content linked to your brand. Analytical tools will ensure that superb reports are generated to analyze performance, brand engagement, and brand awareness.

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