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Case Study

Leading Luxury Auto-Maker Achieves Biggest Sales Success on Record

By June 3, 2014June 14th, 2022No Comments1 min read

We reimagined the retail experiences inside lodges to increase spending inside the National Parks.


Starting with qualitative research we began an in depth innovation process which culminated in park wide restaurant and retail concept design. We completed the positioning, brand strategy, enterprise wide F+B program and a multi-tiered re-imagining of food and beverage outlets and retail stores.

The Goal: Improve operational efficiency, minimize customer wait times and provide delicious healthy and sustainable food, beverages and retail products to delight domestic and international guests to the National Parks.

The new experiences foster a closer connection to the wilderness experience by delivering location specific offerings that celebrate the National Parks in fresh and engaging ways. Through highlighting interpretive themes, we encourage emotional engagement providing best in class guest experiences while delivering improved ROI for the client and the NPS.

Results & Growth

Within an active, two-year period, BrandIQ has created 20 new restaurant and retail concepts that deliver a holistic travel experience within America’s national parks. We aided the client in winning lucrative new contracts, and continue to facilitate increased traveler spending by developing retail, dining, and hospitality environments that awaken guests’ emotions, while amplifying and enhancing the natural grandeur of each breathtaking park.

Michael Murphy