Brand Tracking for the long term—13 years of staying fresh and impactful

A long-term client is in the ice cream business, a category where the competition is always diligently building their own robust feedback loops and checking on strategy. There is no room for “yesterday’s techniques” if our client wants to stay ahead of the game.

The Challenge

Our Brand Tracker started with a narrow focus, looking at one core legacy brand in one category segment. We quickly realized the category was highly dynamic, so we began – and continue – to examine the distinct spaces that brands cluster in, how those have changed over time, and how our clients’ brands play in these spaces.

Our Approach

  • Tracked and measured emerging niche brands just as effectively as legacy brands
  • Examined national and regional brands and augment or launch slimmed down versions, to assess pre and post marketing efforts in particular markets
  • Grew from working closely with one brand team to working with multiple brand teams with a shared resource
  • Expanded the target to adjust to changing demographics, gaining a more comprehensive view of the shopper and younger consumers
  • Worked with client across research, strategy and innovation initiatives

The Outcome

  • Relevant, timely insights from a longitudinal and comprehensive brand assessment of the category
  • Central business intelligence platform that has been most consistent longitudinally – convergent storytelling, integration of data for brand story
  • Results driven via our Brand Performance Personal Goal Tracking Tool for marketing leaders
  • Emotional and functional assessment of brands to help build meaningful connections
  • Consumer-centric approach explores human values and motivations
  • Annual client workshops for activation

Kind words from
our clients

“We feel so confident in our strategic plan and partnership with BrandIQ. We appreciate all you guys are doing on so many projects – and look forward to really getting in the details to create tactical plans. My sincerest thanks to all the BrandIQ team members for their enormous contributions in moving us forward.”

Heather Vaikona
CEO, Lift to Rise

Kishan Patel