Evolution of
the sedan

Repositioning a luxury car brand to
celebrate the driving experience

The Challenge

A globally recognized company is re-launching their entire sedan line-up over a 3 year period using new design language. They were looking to uncover an umbrella positioning for their sedan portfolio vs. positioning each model independently with its own introduction. To succeed, they needed to pivot their marketing strategy to attract younger buyers and women.

Our Approach

  • Brand Strategy, Value Proposition and Positioning to uncover territories that are compelling, differentiated, relevant and ownable
  • Semiotic storytelling to reach deep emotional spaces and cultural relevance, connecting us with new territories in the luxury sedan market
  • Qualitative Research to connect emotionally with different targets and shape the development of the positioning territories
  • Quantitative Research to link the new vehicle evaluation, emotional jobs and potential positioning territories. We then quantified and validated the largest opportunities

The Outcome

A new positioning foundation for the sedan portfolio that excites current brand owners and changes perceptions of the brand, while bringing in younger consumers and women.

  • Created a frame of reference focused on what distinguishes a luxury sedan, inspired by the intersection of emotional jobs and performance features
  • Uncovered a go-to-market strategy framework that creates an emotional positioning, uniting the portfolio while giving each model a differentiated emotional lever
  • Established positioning guardrails for advertising partners to use in communications
  • Uncovered language for the brand to speak authentically about their values, making them part of the 2020 cultural conversation

Kind words from
our clients

“Your Customer-Centric, human values and motivations framework uncovered an emotional space to position our Re-launches Sedan lineup. Your integration between the qualitative and quantitative research will help bring in potential new buyers and of course current Cadillac loyalists. Thanks for your passion, creativity of approach, and flexibility.”

Philip Dauchy
Global Head of Brand Strategy & Research

Kishan Patel