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Research data and analytics can animate and inspire, prove business cases, solve problems, and uncover opportunity. Trusting Your Gut in these times is not enough.

Trusting Your Gut in these times is not enough

While many of our clients have spent entire careers fine-tuning their intuition as a marketer, there is often too much on the line to simply ‘trust your gut’. This is especially true when the competition is diligently building their own robust feedback loops and checks on their strategy.

Even the best marketers cannot keep a pulse on everything by themselves. They recognize the immense value in thoroughly understanding the human values and beliefs that impact their business, and as a result, they challenge themselves to expertly interpret the data to inform, guide, and elevate their performance. Now more than ever, one must balance the art and science of decision-making.

Partnering with You throughout the entire process

When the stakes are high and your business is moving at market speed, there is little room for error or miscalculation. BrandIQ partners with you each step of the way to validate and better inform your ‘hunches’ by asking questions to (and getting definitive answers from) people that matter the most – your target audience and customers.

BrandIQ partners with you to ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time. Guided by our passion for understanding why, and ‘connecting the dots’, we are here to help you grow your business, innovate your offerings, and delight your customers.

We focus on the nuts and bolts of designing a survey and collecting data to best fulfill your objectives, so you can focus on the things only you can do for your business.

We design each survey with clear objectives that inform business outcomes. We are more than researchers; we are a cross-disciplinary team that keeps the big picture in focus while meticulously managing all the crucial details required when collecting high quality survey data and making data-driven decisions that translate into in-market success.

BrandIQ’s analysts go beyond simply describing the data, we explore the hidden relationships and patterns within data sets and expertly interpret the results. Many stories can be told from any given data set, but we pride ourselves on telling the most important and relevant stories to each stakeholder group involved.

Whether we are partnering with you to assess and quantify the value of your brand, explore white space opportunities, paint a picture of and segment your market, optimize your offerings, refine and evolve your communications, or any other challenge you want to put in front of us, we’ll leave no stone unturned before we provide you with clear answers to your questions and actionable steps moving forward.

Applying Design Thinking into Quantitative Research

We use design thinking principles to ensure our research is asking questions that matter and delivering insights that will truly make a difference to new solutions. This involves more than hastily writing a few questions.

It is a collaborative process in which we use our research expertise to remove bias and accurately measure KPI’s that are both reliable and sensitive to your objectives, while ensuring we capture data in a clear and concise fashion using language your audience understands. Whether you want to speak to Early Adopters, Foodies, Fashionistas, Tweens (and/or their Moms), or one of many other valuable audiences… we have you covered!

Empathy mapping along with jobs theory, drives our understanding of consumer needs and behaviors. Our human-centered, iterative approach to uncovering consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences allows us to build more accurate and mobile forward survey instruments with resonance.

Integration with Qualitative Research (or Other Business Data)

In an ideal world, we bring qualitative learnings into our quantitative survey work and vice versa, helping you develop your annual research plan in a way that connects the dots and results in a comprehensive decision framework that evolves with the times and your annual business needs.

Our philosophy is to bring as much context into your research initiatives as possible – whether we design a multi-phased research initiative or leverage what you have already done, this results in more actionable and impactful results that all stakeholders can get behind.

Unmatched experience in consumer lifestyle categories

No one else has the depth of experience in consumer lifestyle categories like food, cars, fashion, music and entertainment industries. We are thought leaders in brand tracking, segmentation, driver analysis, choice models, landscape studies, and more.”

  • Segmentations
  • Brand Health, Brand Tracking
  • A&U, Online and Mobile Surveys
  • Price Elasticity
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product and service Optimization
  • Multicultural
  • Communication Testing
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