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Case Study

Raising the IQ of a Hospitality Leader for Success Both at Home and Abroad

By September 30, 2014June 15th, 2022No Comments2 min read

By contextualizing fresh insights, illuminating new data, and delivering high-leverage strategies, BrandIQ transformed a domestic marketing challenge into a practical roadmap for this pioneer of the travel share economy.


Our client’s initial challenge was clear: How can we attract, and retain, high-value customers? But what began as a targeting and marketing initiative quickly became something more.

As they engaged our expertise, the answers we surfaced pointed to a much larger opportunity — a powerful win/win for stakeholders and travelers.

By understanding the mindset of our client’s highest-opportunity consumers, and acquiring insights into new regional strategies, BrandIQ changed the conversation — providing a new frame of reference that detailed our client’s actual value in a much larger playing field.


We discovered barriers to buy-in, and delivered executable solutions to remove them.

We pinpointed problems in the online and product experience, and developed new guardrails to solve them.

We identified critical cultural differences inherent in targeted international expansion, and furnished new best-practices to surmount them.

We illuminated key client blind-spots that had previously gone unnoticed, and outlined actionable steps to navigate clear of them.

We retooled internal beliefs, and created alignment with real, as opposed to assumed brand value.

Results & Growth

Through domestic and international qualitative and quantitative research, BrandIQ discovered game-changing insights that addressed our client’s initial online marketing and communications initiative. We then went above and beyond, clarifying the crucial elements needed to facilitate smooth and effective global expansion.

Armed with savvy new positioning, brand, and product strategy directives, our pioneering hospitality client is poised to remain a strong international competitor as they empower local communities, and transform the travel landscape by helping each customer enjoy a singularly unique experience.

Michael Murphy