Communicating your story to help you achieve your mission

Our Mission

As a certified B Corp, working with purpose-driven entities and nonprofits is BrandIQ’s mission. By shining a light on the insights that matter, we provide clarity and confidence that allows organizations to inspire their stakeholders – especially the people and communities they serve.

Our skills and experience can guide you through a range of levers for success. One result is a mission-driven plan with measurable objectives to build reach, engagement, conversions and impact with a positive ROI.

How we work

Our entire team is passionate about leveraging our unique strengths to help build stronger communities. We partner with nonprofit and public sector organizations on a wide variety of successful projects.

Benefit from our expertise

We help you inspire your stakeholders, especially the people and communities you serve.

Consumer/Constituent Participation

Understanding the landscape to identify community priorities and needs so you can develop programs with the right services

Donor Engagement

Identifying points of value in your organization and programs that connect with and strengthen donor engagement to increase funding streams

Program Innovation

Creating and facilitating co-creative sessions to imagine, shape and reshape programs to best serve the evolving needs of individuals and communities

Positioning and Messaging

Developing programs, strategies and brand positioning based on what stakeholders really care about while identifying what makes your organization and programs unique, compelling and effective

BrandIQ helps nonprofits and
mission-driven organizations



Connect and inspire


Increase love, empathy and hope


Drive positive change and innovation


Transform themselves and their communities


Build capacity and commitment


Convene key stakeholders

Kind words from
our clients

“Our work with BrandIQ allowed our diverse community partnership to forge a deeply authentic brand identify that reflects our unique position in the world, radiates our core values, and signals our highest hopes and aspirations. The foundational work continuous to be critical to our culture and success and we are constantly grateful for the ways our engagement with BrandIQ set us up to pursue bold change in the world.”

Heather Vaikona
CEO, Lift to Rise